šŸ‘‹ Hey, I'm Leon!

I'm a fourth year Computer Science student at UWaterloo.

I enjoy listening to music and occasionally performing my favourite songs in front of the bathroom mirror (I'm pretty shy though so you would rarely catch me doing so). Iā€™m also a mediocre 8-ball pool player. Thanks for visiting my website!
You can reach me at leon.li1@uwaterloo.ca

LanguagesPython ā€¢ C++ ā€¢ JavaScript ā€¢ TypeScript ā€¢ Java ā€¢ Kotlin ā€¢ Scala ā€¢ SQL ā€¢ HTML ā€¢ CSS
TechnologiesReact ā€¢ Spring ā€¢ Node.js ā€¢ Git ā€¢ MongoDB ā€¢ PostgreSQL ā€¢ Angular ā€¢ Docker ā€¢ Kubernetes ā€¢ Android SDK

Check out my latest project, Flexlog!

FrontendReact, Next.js, Styled Components, Vercel
BackendNode.js, Express, MongoDB, Heroku

A fitness tracking and sharing web app built with the MERN stack and Next.js. Features authentication and authorization using JSON Web Tokens for a secure and improved user experience.

Urban Lyrics

FrontendTypescript, React, Styled Components, Chrome API, Webpack
BackendNode.js, Express, Puppeteer, Heroku

Urban Lyrics is an extension that provides its user with lyrics to a song with the click of a button. It also has integrated search boxes for word definitions by Urban Dictionary and also for custom song lookups. At the end of the song lyrics is also a Genius link for the current song displayed.

Gesture Recognizer

Java, Android Studio, Gradle

Gesture Recognizer is an Android app that recognizes a touch gesture and matches it against a collection of previously inputted patterns (e.g. star, circle, mountain, etc.).

Data Rush

C++, X11 Graphics

Similar to the 1v1 classic strategy board game Stratego, Data Rush is a game played between two players AKA hackers. Each player controls eight pieces called links, four of them represent viruses and the other four represent pieces of data. The hackers race to either download four pieces of data or make the opposing hacker download four viruses.


Java, Java Swing

One of the most popular classic arcade game of the 80ā€™s, Frogger is a game in which the player guides a frog into one of the five caves. The frog starts at the bottom of the screen and the caves are at the top of the screen so the player must navigate the frog across the screen while avoiding many different obstacles.

Perth, AustraliaEast Gwillimbury, ON